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Custom Sourcing

If you are looking for custom branding, bulk supplies or a whole venue fit-out, Cocktail Corner can help. Let us help you cut your CAPEX in half. 

We have built relationships with overseas manufacturers in USA, India, China, Argentina and Pakistan, as well as established repor with a local importing agent to ensure a hassle-free experience with no surprise destination costs or quarantine issues.

For larger orders, we can go overseas to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf to halve your venue opening CAPEX on glassware, crockery, cutlery, barware, kitchenware and consumables. 


What does it cost?

For example, shipping a 20' sea container FCL (Full container load) from China to Fremantle will cost around $4000 AU depending on how many different suppliers and specific quarantine requirements, including all FOB Customs charges, landing charges, and delivery. Under 9m3, it is usually best to ship LCL (Less than container load), but 10m3 and above the LCL fees are higher than FCL. So even if you dont have 30 cubic meters to fill a container, sometimes it is best to use that option anyway. If under 2m3, we recommend shipping via door-to-door air service. 

There are a lot of consolidation/export/import agents out there that will quote you a fee such as $90 per cubic meter China to Australia, but then once you start sending your goods to their warehouse to be packed into a container, they add on their FOB charges such as overseas export licenses, customs fees, etc. Some even hold your BL (bill of lading) at ransom and there is no way to collect your goods from port without it. Then when the goods reach port, the company that unpacks your container/goods will invoice you for their time. We learned this the hard way - we were quoted $845 on our first shipment of 3m2, but by the time we received the goods, we had paid a total of over $3300. 

Our fees vary depending on a lot of variables, from $200 for a single line order, but its a small price to pay to ensure quality equipment from reputable suppliers with no hidden costs, and the ease of not having to deal with multiple companies. 

Get in touch if you would like us to help you establish overseas contacts and cut your costs drastically. 

Email: hello@cocktailcorner.com.au


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